13 October 2014

Happy Thanksgiving!

Every Thanksgiving my sister and I take the time to go for a hike and appreciate the colours of fall. This year we had the opportunity to take a stroll through the beautiful autumnal foliage AND forage for mushrooms. Our father, Wojciech, (we'll call him the mushroom expert, because his name is a little difficult to pronounce) has been picking mushrooms his whole life - so he knows a thing or two about them. Our mushroom expert guided us through the woods and in no time we were filling our baskets with various fungal forms. 

Mushroom expert (Wojciech) leading the way through the forest.

Honey mushrooms were the predominant mushroom in the forest.

We also came across Turkey Tail, which is well know for it's cancer fighting properties.

These grey mushrooms are part of the tricholoma family.

We left the forest happy and grateful for our bountiful finds. All that was left to do was go home and fill our bellies with a delicious thanksgiving dinner. Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

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